Monday, October 13, 2008

News from M. Keaton

M. Keaton has just added a blog, along with the debut of his latest SF book, Calamity's Child, which was released at ConClave 33 during early October.

From the website:
Originally released as a series in 
Ray Gun Revival magazine,
Calamity's Child is finally available
under one cover and can be
purchased from most
bookstores or the (reputable) publisher
Double Edged Publishing.
If you want a signed copy for yourself
your loved one, email the author at
"MKeaton (at) archangelpress (dot) net".

Friday, May 2, 2008


I've been remiss. Most of us -- William Jones, M. Keaton, Michael Andaluz, Daniel J. Hogan, and myself -- were just at Penguicon.

* Daniel *

Soon Daniel Hogan will be at another con and a library.

He says "I'll be a guest at Motor City Comic Con May 16th - 18th in Novi, MI. I'll have a table and will be selling books. I'm excited, this will be a different crowd than the fan conventions I've been going to (well, a little different anyway. I know I'll see a few familiar faces).

"I was asked by the Delta Township Public Library to be on a panel about Self-Publishing in August. That should be fun. I certainly have a lot to say about it."

* William *

Last month William was also GoH at CodCon. He will be at the Ann Arbor Book Festival.

I've been on hiatus -- although I do not handle cons -- these were arranged by Daniel and William themselves.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Starting this spring

Author Steven Climer will also be part of AZ | More. He is another independent-press author who lives in Michigan.

At present I am speaking with the Ann Arbor Book Festival, which is held in mid-May 2008.

Links for Steven:

Steven Climer's homepage

RMA biography

Michigan Writers Series bio

Amazon bibliography

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Online locales

Michael Andaluz
SPAC -- the Sanctuary Press Authors' Collective

David Crampton

Daniel J. Hogan

William Jones
blog & schedule

M. Keaton

Please note that you will find Michael, David, Daniel and William at Detroit's ConFusion eight days from now.

Their blogs will follow in a future post.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Book tour 2008

To start the new year off, I decided to arrange a book tour.

Like you do when you have two conventions back-to-back -- namely, Omegacon and Penguicon.

I have several authors for whom I will arrange signing and speaking engagements: William Jones, M. Keaton, Michael Andaluz, David Crampton, and Daniel J. Hogan.

This time, I am interested in Michigan bookstores and libraries in or near Ann Arbor and Troy. Plus some locales in Macomb County (cities to be announced).

Including a slight detour into Birmingham, Alabama.

Recommendations for a particular store are always welcome.

Conflict with the convention weekends will preclude events over March 14-16, and April 18-20, unless the author has chosen otherwise.